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Flowlu is a complete suite of project and business management tools, including a CRM, invoicing, kanban board, white-label functionality, client portal, and more.

Get your projects in order with Flowlu’s generous management options.

You can quickly view project progress, key milestones, deadlines, budgets, and even time estimates for tasks.

Use project workflows to easily create similar projects with predefined activities and sequences, plus forecast project revenue and calculate costs before comparing them to final budget results.

You’ll be able to store your files and documents right in Flowlu to keep everything organized for easy finding.

Use the project board to quickly view progress, budgets, deadlines, and more!

Flowlu makes task management a cinch. Instantly convert your ideas to tasks, and make recurring tasks for the same workflows or at specific intervals, like weekly reports.

The kanban board lets you prioritize tasks and find out what needs to get done at a glance, including due dates attached right to the cards.

There’s even the option to measure the time spent on each task to optimize your processes. (Turns out half my “process” is sending memes on Slack.)

And because there’s no I in team, you can also add collaborators to each task, who have the same access rights as assignees and can help get the job done.

The kanban board lets you quickly create tasks, prioritize work, and set deadlines!

Flowlu’s included CRM lets you track all your sales funnels from one place.

You can manage new sales opportunities and funnels, as well as track customer interactions and store email communications in a centralized location.

CRM automation makes it easy to design flows that set follow-up tasks, create projects, and send emails.

Flowlu enables you to focus on your bottom line, instead of searching for email threads and creating repetitive task cards.

Plus, you can assign users to the employee access level and manage which accounts they can see, protecting your contacts’ privacy.

The built-in CRM lets you automate processes like follow-up tasks and emails to save tons of time.

You won’t cringe at the mention of invoices anymore, either.

Craft professional estimates and invoices in seconds with fully customizable templates, which let you include your logo, change the layout, or apply a specific color scheme.

You can also add taxes, discounts, and shipping charges to single line items or invoice totals, then let Flowlu crunch the numbers for you..

There are even options to create recurring or scheduled invoices, so you always get paid on time. Don’t worry—you can enable invoice approval to verify before sending, too.

And Flowlu integrates with major payment gateways, so clients can pay you right from the invoice.

Swiftly create custom invoices that integrate with major payment gateways to get paid without the hassle!

Flowlu’s knowledge base makes it simple to store and manage any kind of data from one place.

Document your team’s critical information and SOPs in an organized, shared knowledge hub for easy access.

You can also use a knowledge base to craft a help center for your customers to view at their leisure.

Instead of swamping your support team with emails, just route customers to a self-service portal for a buffet of information.

Best of all, you can level up your communication with clients using the white-label feature. Create a custom domain and email domain for notifications, invoices, estimates, and user invitations to the account!

Build organized knowledge bases to share important information with your team and customers!

Flowlu even offers a powerful client portal that makes it easy to seamlessly share information with your clients, freelancers, contractors, or anyone outside your company.

You can invite external users to the portal via email or a link, using flexible permissions to make sure clients can quickly view only the data and fields you appoint.

They’ll be able to access their own projects, tasks, invoices, estimates, and knowledge base, plus chat with your team via the built-in messenger.

On top of improving collaboration and enhancing transparency, Flowlu’s client portal lets you use your own custom domain, add a logo, and customize onboarding.

The client portal offers a dedicated space for your external users to access information and stay connected with your team.

There comes a time when you have to consolidate, whether you’re out of hard drive space or your significant other asks if you really need that many pairs of socks. (“And if I say ‘Yes’?”)

Flowlu has your all needs covered with project management, kanban board, CRM, and invoicing, all in one place.

So stop making things harder for yourself.

Get lifetime access to Flowlu today!

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