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SpreadSimple is a no-code web application that makes it simple and quick to create and manage a feature-rich website using just the data in a Google Sheet.

SpreadSimple lets you create a modern, feature-rich website in just 20 minutes—without needing any special tech skills or coding knowledge.

Using the site-wide password protection feature, you can hide your website and ensure that the visitors with the password can see your content.

And because SpreadSimple comes with a CDN for global distribution, your visitors will never have to wait for your site to load.

Choose a template and customize it to fit your unique needs to create a styled website in minutes!

No more wasting time sifting through your CMS to update content on multiple product pages.

Update and manage your inventory, prices, and orders directly from the Google Sheet with SpreadSimple.

After editing the Google Sheet, you’ll see the changes instantly reflected on your website.

Plus, since Google Sheets is easily automated with built-in formulas, add-ons, and other tools like Zapier, you can turn manual processes for your website into automated ones.

Manage the way your content is displayed on the page, including the information that’s most important to customers.

Customize the design of your page by adding your own colors, branding, and logo in just a few clicks. (You paid too much for that logo to hide it behind third-party branding.)

SpreadSimple also lets you introduce various customizable features to your site like search, sorting, filtering, and pagination to make all your product pages uniquely yours.

You can include SEO details like meta tags, favicons, preview images, as well as custom scripts for chats, analytics, and more.

Anything goes on content pages! Add a global header and footer, plus contact info, delivery and payment details, an “About us,” and any SEO-friendly content.

Content pages feature a global header and footer. Add your branding, contact info, delivery and payment details, an “About us,” and more!

To match the site to your branding even more, you can use a free subdomain or connect your own domain.

Add an order form and shopping cart to your site and enable multiple payment methods, including PayPal and Stripe, so your customers can check out in no time!

You’ll be able to customize the default checkout form fields and create custom fields with more than 10 field types that you can make required or optional.

With the WhatsApp add-on, you can let your customers place orders on WhatsApp and start instant conversations with you right upon order placement, increasing your conversions.

Plus, you can also add taxes, agency fees, service commissions, and any additional charges that your business requires— and they’ll all be included in the total order price.

Add a shopping cart and an order collection form to your site for quick and easy checkout.

The Item Details option lets you add additional information to each item, such as title, price, status, and more.

You don’t have to open up each unique page to change the details on your site either—just update your Google Sheet to manage content details.

Using the Items Variations feature, you can group all the item variations on one page and quickly switch between them by changing the item options (size, color, etc.).

SpreadSimple also integrates with popular programs like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Hotjar, MailChimp, Zapier, and more with a helpful widget to boot.

Provide more details for your items by enabling the Item Details Page option.

Transferring all your inventory data into a website is about as hypeworthy as tax season. (“Accelerated depreciation, let’s gooooo!”)

If you already track your inventory on a spreadsheet, you don’t have to update all of that information on each site page.

Instead, use SpreadSimple to quickly create a beautiful, full-featured website directly from your Google Sheet data—no coding required.

Get lifetime access to SpreadSimple today!

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